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Urban Pet Store Market and Boutique is your go-to destination for quality pet products in your neighborhood. 

Their mission is to foster lasting connections with customers and their furry friends, ensuring the best experience every time. Committed to the highest standards, they love your pets as much as you do, providing top-quality care with premium products. Since opening in Lubbock in December 2019, they've faithfully served the community, acknowledging that meaningful connections are the key to their success. Grateful for the support of pet owners, they express their thanks beyond words, barks, or meows. Check them out here!

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About LBK-9

Introducing LBK-9, a brand-new contest aimed at discovering Lubbock's most adorable canine, proudly powered by TXU Energy, Texas' #1 choice for electricity!

As a company with deep Texas roots, we're excited to be part of this vibrant community and eager to get to know you, the driving force behind Lubbock's distinctive character and energetic spirit.
And what better way to connect than through our shared love and celebration of our furry friends?

With our friends at Urban Pet Market, we're thrilled to present Lubbock's pet parents with an opportunity to showcase their beloved four-legged companions as the town's cutest pups!

The final verdict, Lubbock, rests in your hands.

But that's not all! This coming January, you’ll have the power to choose your electricity provider. With our exceptional service, competitive rates, and the cutest canines by our side, we're excited to offer Lubbock electricity plans that fit your lifestyle and help you save all year long. Learn more at txu.com/Lubbock.

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